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   <Car> 5minutes from Hwy 「NAGANO EXIT」
①You get off the「NAGANO EXIT」,
After Exit first signal light 「長野インター」you turn left.
②End of the road, the traffic light 「長野インター南」you turn right.
③and then next traffic light 「上高相」you turn left.
④and then next traffic light 「荒神町」,You just follow the road.
⑤Finally the road is end. You turn right.
⑥On the left side of the road, You can find the post office.
Matsushiro Guesthouse HOTEIYA is 6 doors(houses) down from there.
    ※Parking is available at opposite side of the HOTEIYA.
   <Local bus>30min from JR Nagano station(650Yen)
①JR Nagano station 「善光寺口」A few minutes walk,
         (zenko-ji guchi)
 there is a bus stop. Terminal No.3.
②Catch the bus No.30.Which is for「古戦場経由 松代高校 行
                      (Kosenjo keiyu Matsushiro ko-ko Yuki)
③You get off the bus at 「松代八十二銀行前
                  (Matsushiro Hachiju-ni ginko Mae)
④You walk toward the same direction,
 You can fine 「Family Mart」on the right.
 You turn right there, There is a Post Office opposite side of Family Mart.
⑤Matsushiro Guesthouse HOTEIYA is 6 doors(houses) down from Post Office.    
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